It was like winning the lottery when I saw CakeTime truck parked right outside my housing area. This dessert food truck initially started off in Penang . Due to great response from the Penangites, they have finally brought their business down to KL.

Their food truck travels around KL on a daily basis. So, spotting them is always like a treasure hunt. Do check out their FB page to know where they are from time to time. (link below)

Most of their cakes are priced at RM10, while the premium flavours are RM12.

I decided to get myself the 'Nutty Cappuccino'  as it spoke to me the most.

The generous nutty toppings and the glistening surface as it sits on the display warmer have already won my heart. The cake is moist and soft with a strong whiff of coffee aroma. If you like sweets with a cup of coffee, then this cake is for you. RM12

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