Softsrve Mini @ MYTOWN


Softsrve Mini is finally now in Cheras.

This artisan ice cream parlour has always been famous for its unusual flavours and creations. According to their Instagram post, they share that they will be churning out 4 unique flavors monthly and customers can get all 4 of the flavors twisted in a cone or cup. You can also customize your dessert with a variety of fun-filled, colorful, and interesting toppings to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

the 4 flavours of the month 

I chose ‘grape yogurt’ and ‘cookie monster’ twist as the color appeals to me the most. I was chatting to the cashier and I got an inside tip from her. If you get yours in a cup, you will get more ice cream as compared to the cone option. But if you want that ‘wow’ factor in your Instagram shot, then having it in a cone is the way to go. Being greedy, I opt for the one which has more ice cream.

I still think it looks aesthetically pleasing what despite not having it in a cone! Dont you agree?

The ‘grape yogurt’ has a refreshing taste of grape which compliments the tanginess and creaminess of the yogurt. This goes very well with the sweet pastel blue cookie flavored ice cream. 

They are so pretty I almost don’t want to eat it.    

The pastel colurs also reminds me of my favourite childhood sweet – ‘Sugus’. Just me?

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