Dear Sweet Hut ,

Thank you for being a sweetheart for having me over to try your new and improved lovely sweet treats.

You say dessert, I say …‘NOW!’  Haha.

Before I go on with my review, I would like to apologize for the lack of food pictures as I could not wait to dig in to my ‘already-quickly-melting’ desserts.

As a Matcha-addict, I can’t resist but opt for their Green Tea Snow Ice. But, my spoon also managed  to scoop into all of my friend’s dessert and below are my favorite items at Sweet Hut.
green tea snow ice
(image from website)

Green Tea Snow Ice is creamy and lovely. Green Tea ice cream is frozen then shaved till paper thin, causing it to melt almost instantly as it land on your tongue, topped with sweet red beans and sago balls. It looks like a lettuce from far. One bite tough, your spoon will never stop scooping.

durian snow ice
(image from website)

If you are a durian lover, you will love the next dessert item which is ‘D24 Durian Snow Ice’.  The snow ice here is a little different than the one before as it has a much thicker and creamier consistency. I am assuming this is due to their generous amount to durian flesh in it. Judging from the aroma of the durian, I can say that the durian used here are of the better quality ones.

mango sago pamelo soup with mango ice cream
Last but not least, is their signature mango from their sago series. Fresh mango sago pamelo soup is served cold with a dollop of rich mango ice cream, garnished with fresh cuts of mango flesh. This dessert is very refreshing and it serves as a good palate cleanser after having something heavy like the ‘Durian Snow Ice’.

The only downside of this place if I had to nitpick is the environment. It is a little down on the mark in terms of ambiance compared to the long never ending list of hipster cafes. But in terms of quality of food, the dessert here is up to par and maybe better than some of the established dessert cafes out there. In short, Sweet Hut is a place for good food and bonding with friends and family, but not so good if you are looking for a place to have out ootd’s shot taken.

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